About Us

KP Kopro – professional moulding and pressing of plastics

We are modern, helpful and dynamically improving Czech production company focused on giving services in the field of plastic and engineering industry. We are focused on using of new technologies in the field of moulding and dressing of plastic. We put emphasis on our present and future customers and we know that we help to our clients to fulfil their targets.

Name and logo

We are known under the sign KP – KOPRO s.r.o. since 10th February 2000 and with new logo „Injection Moulding and Tooling“ since 1st September 2007.

History of the company

The company has started its activity on 10th February 2000 with plastic processing oriented on mainly kitchen and house needs. Also plastic construction airplanes models which later were exported into 40 countries in the World.
The company KP – KOPRO later began to specialize only on technical thermoplastic processing and tools production, it finished ineffective production and started to concentrate on improving of plastic goods and tools for car, electro-technical and other industry.

Basic capital

It´s a 100% company ownership of KP-KOPRO s.r.o.

Our role

We help our clients to fulfil their targets. We put emphasis on high-quality and patness of delivery.

Our vision

We want to be prosper, modern and specialized firm with a good name which offers services in the field of plastic and engineering industry.
For our company it is the main aim to protect the environment. We absolutely respect and are aware of high factor of responsibility for environment protection before any  impact of our activities, products and services on a quality of environment and peoples´ health.

Basic data


Business concern: KP – KOPRO s.r.o.

Address: Průmyslová 3134/5, 796 01 Prostějov, Czech Republic
Law: Ltd. Private company limited by shares
File sign: C 36099 held by registre court in Brno
Day of registration: 10th February 2000
IČO: 25590120
DIČ: CZ25590120
Tel.: +420582336430
Fax: +420582336433
e-mail: info@kp-kopro.cz